Thursday, June 24, 2010

Personal Trainers in North Hollywood, California | Toneka Pires |

Personal Trainer Central announced Toneka Pires, Certified Personal Trainer (CFT) as today's featured personal fitness trainer. Pires works with personal training clients in North Hollywood, California, 91601 with BWell Fit Personal Training.

Personal Trainer Locator: View Toneka's Hollywood Personal Trainer Profile page or search the find a fitness trainer listing service using zip code 91601.

Toneka Pires and BWell Fit Can Offer You:
  • Experienced personal training
  • Specialist in Sports Performance Nutrition
  • Safe and effective weight loss programs which combines training and nutrition
  • Outdoor training-park, beach field. Don't even need a gym
  • All equipment provided
  • I come to you!
Toneka Pires specializes in:
  • General Fitness
  • General Nutrition
  • Strength
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional and
  • Plyometric training
North Hollywood Personal Trainers
Toneka reports, "We specialize in safe, healthy and effective ways to lose weight and transform your body."  Pires says, "Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your endurance, transform your body, or just be healthy you have come to the right person. As a certified trainer and a specialist in nutrition, I have the knowledge to help you achieve whatever goals you have in a healthy and safe way! My references and client testimonials speak for themselves. Would love to help achieve your goals as well!

I was 25 pounds heavier and had a pear shaped body. I was unhappy and determined to change my body. Over the years I have transformed my physique to what it is today through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. I studied everything that I could get my hands on and made my own mistakes through trial and error. I was also fortunate enough to work with the top trainers and nutritionist in the industry and learned so much from them. Now I am passionate about sharing my expertise and helping others who are determined to achieve there personal fitness goals. "

Personal Trainers in Hollywood, California
Toneka earned a personal trainer certificaiton with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and holds a Sports Nutrition Certification. Pires works with personal training clients in North Hollywood, California. Toneka is also an Online Fitness Training Expert working with Hyperstrike, where she helps people get fit worldwide. To contact Toneka, inquire about a fitness, nutrition and a personal training consultation or for more information visit Toneka's Personal Trainer Central Profile page:

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