Thursday, June 17, 2010

Personal Trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas | Keith Mccormack |

Personal Trainer Central announced Keith Mccormack, Certified Personal Trainer (CFT) as today's featured personal fitness trainer. Mccormack works with personal training clients in Little Rock, Arkansas, 72211.

Personal Trainer Locator: View Keith's Little Rock Personal Trainer Profile page or search the find a fitness trainer listing service using zip code 72211.

Keith Mccormack personal training specializes in:
General Fitness

Little Rock, Arkansas Personal Trainers
Keith reports, "I offer fitness programs that promote optimal anatomical form that will lead to the results that you are looking for."  Mccormack says, "I have been fascinated with personal fitness for years, really since high school. Fitness has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. As a certified fitness trainer, I enjoy working with clients of all ages. I love teaching others.

Now, I work in the medical field; so, anatomical structure and body physiology have caught my interest for years. I took a personal trainer certification course first for my own training benefit and now realize that I could use this education to help others reach their fitness goals.

If you have been thinking of personal training and have been hesitant in the past, please view this as a sign to take a step towards a better you. I am eager to help you achieve your fitness goals. I want my clients to have fun and stay motivated to achieve their objectives. It is my honor to help guide someone in this life-changing process. I look forward to our future fitness relationship."

Personal Trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas
Keith earned a personal trainer certification with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Mccormack works with personal training client in Little Rock, Arkansas, 72211. To contact Keith Mccormack, inquire about a fitness, nutrition and a personal training consultation or for more information visit Mccormack's Personal Trainer Central Profile page:

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