Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Personal Trainers in Lindenhurst, New York | Daniel Tyminski | PersonalTrainerCentral.com

Personal Trainer Central announced Daniel Tyminski, Certified Personal Trainer (CFT) as today's featured personal fitness trainer. Daniel works with personal training clients in Lindenhurst, New York, 11757 with Crossfit Lindy personal training.

Personal Trainer Locator: View Daniel's Lindenhurst Personal Trainer Profile page or search the find a fitness trainer listing service using zip code 11757.

Daniel Tyminski and Crossfit Lindy Can Offer You:
  • Free Intro Session!
  • Friendly day to day competition helps push you harder than ever!
  • Group classes that builds lasting friendship
  • We are a community that drives and encourages one another
  • Fun for everyone of ALL ages
  • Workouts are SCALED to meet your needs
  • 100% Satisfaction
Daniel Tyminski specializes in:
  • General Fitness
  • General Nutrition
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Strength
  • Weight Loss
  • CrossFit
Lindenhurst, New York Personal Trainers
Daniel says, "At CrossFit Lindy YOU WILL succeed!" Tyminski reports, "I've been training people for about six years. I was a Team Leader in an infantry unit in the US Army so I know how important physical fitness is. I've been a certified trainer for two years and a CrossFit Level 1 trainer for two years as well. I also just received my Olympic Lifting Cert through CrossFit.

At CrossFit Lindy we perform functional movements at high intensity, giving you a comprehensive full-body workout in under an hour. Classes are instructor-led and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation. Workouts are constantly varied and unique, which means every workout uses different exercises and completion criteria, ensuring that you always make progress and never get bored. Some exercises will be familiar and many will be new, so you will always be challenged to learn new things."

Personal Trainers in Lindenhurst, New York
Tyminski earned a personal trainer certificaiton with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Daniel also earned an Associates Degree At CW Post for Physical Education and is a CrossFit Lvl 1 Trainer and earned a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification. Daniel works with personal training clients in Lindenhurst, New York. To contact Daniel, inquire about a fitness, nutrition and a personal training consultation or for more information visit Daniel's Personal Trainer Central Profile page:

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