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How to Find and Hire a Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Finding a Local Personal Trainer

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about hiring a personal trainer. If you are ready to get started, locate your personal trainer using our search for a fitness trainer locator.

Q. What is the main reason to hire a personal trainer?

A. The main job of a personal trainer is to help you live a better quality of life through preventive measures, including: 1.) resistance training for stronger muscles to support ones musculoskeletal system, 2.) cardiovascular training for a healthy heart and circulatory system, 3.) flexibility training to support the range of motion about a joint and its surrounding muscles, 4.) sound nutrition principles and 5.) a positive mental attitude. Personal trainers are trained in necessary core fitness techniques and strategies. Many personal trainers are serve as excellent coaches, mentors, and motivators to help their clients stay accountable to reach their health and fitness goals.

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Q. How do I choose a personal trainer?

A. Personal Trainer Central makes it very easy for you to choose a personal trainer. Most importantly you want a trainer that is competent to do the job correctly, helps you to reach your goals and helps you remain injury free. In addition, you certainly want a trainer that you like and respect. A final important criterion for choosing a personal trainer is their convenient location. Our proprietary personal trainer search locator can help you locate a personal trainer, search through multiple trainers in your area and even provide feedback to help others in their search.

Q. Can anyone be a personal trainer?

A. While virtually anyone can become a personal trainer, there are industry regulations on the personal training industry. First, trainers must be 18 years of age in order to gain their fitness education. Second, personal trainers need to successfully complete a personal trainer certification program or obtain a comparable exercise-related education through a reputable school or association. And finally, in order for a trainer to conduct business they do need to work for a gym, health club or fitness center or establish the necessary licenses as defined by their county and state.

Q. How much do personal trainers cost?

A. The cost of personal training services can vary greatly depending upon the geographic location, the education and services provided by the trainer, and the facility. The cost to hire a trainer can range from as little as $15 an hour for a group session to as much as $150 an hour or more depending upon the specialization of the trainer. For instance, an average 55-minute personal training session may cost $30 in a lower populated, small mid-west town, but may be as high as $85 for comparable services in a densely populated New York suburb. In addition, depending upon the services, it is not uncommon for a package of personal training sessions to cost upwards of many thousands of dollars.

Q. Where are personal trainers located?

A. The personal training industry is very flexible. Personal trainers work in virtually every conceivable area, including local gyms, the clients’ home, beaches, parks, YMCA’s, tennis courts, high school tracks, physical therapy offices, hospitals, cruise ships, chiropractors offices and pretty much anywhere you can imagine. In addition, many personal trainers will mix up your routines, and locations, to help you get more out of your exercise regimen.

Q. What is a specialized personal trainer?

A. When personal trainers began to make the scene in the late 80’s, enterprising fitness professionals found it necessary to learn specialized education to better help their clients. Personal training professionals began discovering different techniques required to work with special populations including, adults over 50, youth, athletes, post rehab or post physical therapy, and clients who needed to lose over 50 or 100 pounds needed to be worked with in a different manner than those simply looking to tone up their muscles. These special populations opened up the need for better education which in turn sprouted a wide array of opportunities for the personal trainer to better serve the client.

Q. Will an insurance company pay for a personal trainer?

A. In some cases, if a medical doctor refers you to a personal trainer, an insurance company may pay for a personal trainer. Some insurance companies have a medical billing code for personal training. The personal training industry is striving to play more of an active role as a major contributor to allied health care; supporting medical doctors, physical therapists, nurses, chiropractors and more.

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